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Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing at Kingston University. Her practice is one of poetic-prose life writing and her research focuses on the intersections of maternal studies, disability and illness writing, neurodiversity and queer theory. Anna’s PhD study explores the ways in which the language of the spectral offers a possible route to the expression of difficult-to-articulate experiences, such as the strangeness of early motherhood. Anna’s recent publications include chapters in the collections, Women in Transition: Crossing Boundaries, Crossing Borders (Routledge, 2021) and From Band-Aids to Scalpels: Motherhood Experiences in/of Medicine (Demeter Press, 2021).


But also flesh and salt

Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson’s life writing offers an insight into the complexity and ambivalence of early motherhood. Her fragmented poetic-prose immerses the reader into the affective registers of care, giving space to experiences so often excluded from narratives of motherhood.