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The Contemporary Journal is the online publishing platform of Nottingham Contemporary. It is committed to long-term research and public study, publishing new commissions across multiple formats: essays, poetry, artists’ writings, moving image and sonic works.

Sonic Continuum | The Sonic Ecologies of Anticolonial Writing

In this essay, performance studies scholar Hypatia Vourloumis, discusses a political ecology of human and non-human assemblages in the sonorous materiality of anticolonial writing.

Sonic Continuum | Radio Earth Hold 003: Pitch Blue

Commissioned by Nottingham Contemporary, this broadcast thinks about music, weather and the atmosphere to re-orient the body-climate continuum.

Sonic Continuum | Songs of Noise and Opacity

In this essay, artist and researcher Andrew Brooks asks if a sonic politics of solidarity might be heard in the refrain of grief and rage.

On Translations | The Madness of the Mother Tongue

In this essay, scholar Shela Sheikh explores the paradoxes of identity, translation and the mother tongue through Jacques Derrida’s ‘Monolingualism of the Other’.

Critical Pedagogies | Becoming Research   

In this keynote, theorist and curator Irit Rogoff explores how research has moved from contextual activity within art to a mode of inhabitation she calls ‘research turn’.