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The Contemporary Journal is the digital strand of Public Programmes and Research at Nottingham Contemporary.


Critical Pedagogies

Critical Pedagogies (June 2019 - June 2020) investigates contemporary pedagogies and explores questions about how we learn and produce knowledge collectively. Given the current scenario in education, with the implementation of student fees and the disinvestment in cultural education in primary and secondary levels, Critical Pedagogies explores the educational role of cultural organisations and rehearses new forums for critical thinking and practice. This inquiry includes CAMPUS, a yearlong and city-wide free independent study programme; monthly talks (CAMPUS Talks); an international conference 'Architectures of Education' (7-9 November 2019) and special issue co-edited with e-flux Architecture; as well as contributions to The Contemporary Journal.

Special Issue

Architectures of Education is a collaboration between Nottingham Contemporary, Kingston University, and e-flux Architecture, and a cross-publication with The Contemporary Journal.​ Drawing on a three-day public program at Nottingham Contemporary on November 7–9, 2019, the series features contributions by Ramon Amaro, Aoife Donnelly and Kristin Trommler, Gudskul, Elain Harwood, Tom Holert, Lesley Lokko, Sol Perez-Martinez, Irit Rogoff, Santhosh S., and more.