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The Contemporary Journal is the online publishing platform of Nottingham Contemporary. It is committed to long-term research and public study, publishing new commissions across multiple formats: essays, poetry, artists’ writings, moving image and sonic works.

Emergency and Emergence | Burning House / Burning Horse: The fire it always is   

In this essay, Ella Finer presents a poetic and sensorial call for remembering and reminds us of the debts we are compelled to forget. Published into the historic and unprecedented days of the heatwave in the UK, into the unabating political uncertainty and governmental fires, this essay exposes the burning present, past and future.

Emergency and Emergence | Visualising the Ends of Growth: Insurgent Universality, Solidarity and Worlds-to-Come   

In this online presentation, art historian and cultural critic, TJ Demos speculates on what comes after growth through looking into practices of Indigenous and Afrofuturism. This keynote concluded After Growth: A Symposium on Post-Capitalist Imaginaries at Nottingham Contemporary, 19-20 March 22.