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Claudia Pagès Rabal

Claudia Pagès Rabal is a visual artist, performer and writer. In their latest works, Pagès has focused on the logistics system and its link to jurisdictional language, both operating in the verbal tense of a non-finite and violent gerund that has direct effects on bodies. Pagès’s artistic research addresses circulation and maintenance and their role in sustaining the status quo. The continuity of certain systems and institutions is maintained through what Pagès calls the “immobility of stable circulations” and “containment architectures” that uphold power through specific flows of goods, capital and value within a suspended and capturing present.


The Gerund Mountain and the Stamped Paper Cave

Claudia Pagès Rabal

Two children bump into my legs, I look down and see they’re holding plastic guns, they point at each other and simulate they are shooting. Clicking their tongues against their teeth, they make “bang bang” and machine guns noises. The adult accompanying them smiles at me and says ai, quin parell de bandolers! with a…