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Rachel Dedman

Radio Earth Hold

Radio Earth Hold is an interdisciplinary research collective founded by Rachel Dedman, Lorde Selys, and Arjuna Neuman. The collaborative research focuses on transnational solidarity, drawing connections between histories of radio in Palestine and indigenous midwifery practices in North America through the medium of radio, producing, and commissioning broadcasts from artists. Recently, this research work has been channelled into a reading and listening group, ‘Weather or Not’ exploring relationships between music, technology, the body, and climate, with a network of interlocutors. The collective has collaborated with Navel, LA; Gasworks, London; Serpentine Galleries, London; Mansion, Beirut; Warsaw Biennial; and Qalandiya International, Jerusalem. Radio Earth Hold has worked with artists such as Adam Feldmeth, Heather O’Brien, Inas Halabi, Louis Henderson, and Ultra-red.

Radio Earth Hold #1: The Colonial Voice was commissioned for the Qalandiya Biennial, 2018, and supported by the Serpentine Galleries. Arjuna Neuman, Lorde Selys and Rachel Dedman would like to thank Rana Anani, Yazan Khalili, Amal Khalaf, Elizabeth Graham and the Serpentine Galleries, London; Robert Leckie and the team at Gasworks; and all those who supported our research.


Radio Earth Hold 001: The Colonial Voice

Rachel Dedman Lorde Selys Arjuna Neuman

This broadcast explores the entwined histories of radio and protest to consider how the voice of authority has been deployed across North America and Palestine to violent ends. In response REH 001 reimagines this voice as something embodied, multiple, and embryonic.