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Radio Earth Hold

Radio Earth Hold is an interdisciplinary research collective founded by Rachel Dedman, Lorde Selys, and Arjuna Neuman. The collaborative research focuses on transnational solidarity, taking sound and radio as catalysts and vehicles for supra-national connection. Radio Earth Hold’s first broadcast, REH001: The Colonial Voice, explores connections between histories of radio in Palestine and indigenous midwifery practices in North America. Recently, this research work has been channelled into a reading and listening group, Weather or Not, which examines relationships between music, technology, the body and climate, with a network of interlocutors. Radio Earth Hold has collaborated with Navel, LA; Gasworks, London; Serpentine Galleries, London; Mansion, Beirut; Biennale Warszawa, Warsaw; and Qalandiya International, Jerusalem. Radio Earth Hold has worked with artists such as Adam Feldmeth, Heather O’Brien, Inas Halabi, Louis Henderson, and Ultra-red.


Radio Earth Hold 003: Pitch Blue

Radio Earth Hold

Commissioned by Nottingham Contemporary, this broadcast thinks about music, weather and the atmosphere to re-orient the body-climate continuum.