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Rolando Vázquez

Rolando Vázquez belongs to the movement of Decolonial Thought and Aesthesis. He teaches sociology at UCR University of Utrecht. He curated the workshop: ‘Staging the End of the Contemporary’ for MaerzMusik at the Berliner Festspiele. With Walter Mignolo he has coordinated for ten Years the Middelburg Decolonial Summer School. They co-authored the seminal article ‘Decolonial Aesthesis: Colonial Wounds/Decolonial Healings‘. In 2016 with Gloria Wekker et. al. he wrote the report of the Diversity Commission of the University of Amsterdam. His work seeks to transgress the dominion of contemporaneity, heteronormativity and modernity/coloniality. Through the question of precedence and relational temporalities he seeks to contribute to decolonizing institutions, epistemology, aesthetics and subjectivity.


‘What We Know Is Built on Erasure’

Rolando Vázquez

Mexican sociologist Roland Vázquez discusses processes of erasure in colonial language and epistemologies.