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Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman is an electronic musician (under the moniker Kode9), artist and writer. He has released three albums on the label Hyperdub which he founded in 2004, four mix compilations as well as numerous singles and remixes. He is the author of Sonic Warfare: sound, affect and the ecology of fear (The MIT Press, 2009) and he co-edited and contributed to AUDINT’s collection Unsound: Undead (Urbanomic, 2019).


Dossier 37: Unidentified Vibrational Objects on the Plane of Unbelief

Steve Goodman

Over a period beginning in early August 2017, AUDINT became entangled in a meme complex which is still ongoing, emanating from and propagated by the State Department of the USA. Revolving around the alleged sonic ‘attacks’ on US Embassies in Cuba and South China, this memeplex is drenched in uncertainty and disinformation. Dossier 37 tracks the timeline of these mysterious ‘attacks’, while explicating the polyvalent concept of unsound.