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Tom Holert

Tom Holert is a researcher, writer, and curator. He is the co-founder of the Harun Farocki Institut in Berlin and the author of the upcoming book Knowledge Beside Itself. Contemporary Art’s Epistemic Politics (Sternberg Press/The MIT Press, 2020). He recently curated the exhibition Neolithic Childhood. Art in a False Present, c. 1930 at HKW, Berlin in 2018 (with Anselm Franke) and co-edited the accompanying publication (diaphanes, 2018). He’s currently organising the research and exhibition project Education Shock. Learning, Politics, and Architecture in the Global 1960s and 1970s, at HKW (forthcoming September 2020), a follow-up of the exhibition Learning Laboratories. Architecture, Instructional Technology, and the Social Production of Pedagogical Space around 1970 at BAK (Basis voor actuele kunst), Utrecht in 2016–17.


Interview with Tom Holert

Tom Holert

The interview with researcher, writer, and curator Tom Holert happened in the context of the conference Architectures of Education at Nottingham Contemporary, in November 2019. In the interview conducted by architecture historian Ana Souto, Holert explores the infrastructural thinking that entered the discussion of education, politics, and planning around 1970. The conversation touches upon the proposals…

Learning Structures

Tom Holert Anna-Maria Meister

The panel with Tom Holert and Anna-Maria Meister inaugurated the conference Architectures of Education at Nottingham Contemporary, 8-9 November 2019. This event was a three-day programme with presentations, workshops, keynotes and screening reflecting on cultures and architectures of education today, and speculate about what futures may lay on the horizons of knowledge production. Tom Holert…