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Critical Pedagogies

Gudskul (Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem Studies) is a public learning space established in 2015 by three Jakarta-based art collectives: ruangrupa, Serrum, and Grafis Huru Hara (GHH). After being immersed within the realm of contemporary art for nearly twenty years, we formed an ecosystem to practice and expand the understanding of collective values – such as equality, sharing, solidarity, friendship, and togetherness.

A vital part of Gudskul’s activities is the regular one-year course. In it, participants build collective knowledge by becoming part of our ecosystem. Subjects are not taught, but developed together with the participants. Every subject therefore is different in its approach. Every day is a challenge. Every interaction is unique. Every space matters.

Space, in our understanding, is a constant work-in-progress. It will never be perfect. Through a subject called Praktik Spasial (spatial practice), we investigate the importance of space for collective contemporary art practice. We mostly use our context, Jakarta, if not Indonesia, as an inspiration. In some cases, we scrutinise our own space.