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Sonic Continuum
Tabita Rezaire, The Song of The Spheres, 2018. Copper, Senegalese tapestry, sound 16’16’’. Courtesy the artist and Goodman Gallery, South Africa.

The Song of the Spheres (2018) was originally presented as a sound installation where four copper circles entwine to form a sphere in the shape of a Genesa crystal, a sacred geometric symbol, to envision personal, collective and planetary healing. In this weeklong sonic offering, Tabita Rezaire shares the soundscape surrounding the copper rings, which journeys through tales of primordial sounds from various cosmologies and traditions including, First Nations peoples in the American Continent and Australia, Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, the Vedic tradition, the Dogon of Mali, and the Christian Bible, among others, where sound is thought to be the fundamental impetus for creation. Across these varying transtemporal and global perspectives, life energy is said to flow harmoniously through specific geometric shapes that echo patterns found in nature and cosmic arrangements. The stories herein narrated by Rezaire unfold tales of astrophysics, geometry as well as spiritual and yogic sciences, to delve deeper into planetary acoustics and the multitudinal origins of spacetime.