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Sandra Moros

Sandra Moros is a curator at IVAM-Institut Valencià d’Art Modern where she organised the exhibitions ‘1989. The end of the 20th century’ as well as ‘The Achievement Society’, ‘Hasta Cota de Afección: Patricia Gómez y Maria Jesús González’ as well as mongraphic exhibitions by of Robert Frank, Darío Villalba, Jorge Peris and Asunción Molinos Gordo, among others. Since 2018, Moros co-directs the CIC (Collaborative Research Center) in Valencia, a training programme focused on imagining new narratives, forms of decolonisation and uses of the archive in museum spaces. Moros regularly delivers conferences, workshops and writes for art publications and catalogues.


Máquina Music and Industrial Heritage

Lorenzo Sandoval Sandra Moros

Expanding on the lace-inspired design for Nottingham Contemporary’s Gallery Zero, curator Sandra Moros explores the sonic in Lorenzo Sandoval’s research of Spanish textile industry.