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Anti Ribeiro

Anti Ribeiro is a sonic producer, educator, curator and researcher. Her work is focused on the production of sound dramaturgies and soundtracks, electronic music composition, curating at film festivals and a research-teaching work based on orality. Recent projects include, Fiction as a Weapon of War, a virtual exchange environment focused on the bid to dream other worlds and/or escape from this one. She is co-founder of the SCAPA collective, in Recife, an initiative dedicated to the enjoyment of Brazilian indigenous and black artists.


opera infinita, chapter 0: has the fire read the stories it burnt?

Jota Mombaça Denise Ferreira da Silva Anti Ribeiro

Exploring forms of elemental listening, this sonic statement by writer-in-residence Jota Mombaça, deals with sound as heat and fire as re-de-composition of matter and language.