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Jota Mombaça

Jota Mombaça is a non-binary bicha, born and raised in the northeast of Brazil, who writes, performs and investigates on the relations between monstrosity and humanity, kuir studies, de-colonial turns, political intersectionality, anticolonial justice, redistribution of violence, visionary fictions, the end of the world and tensions among ethics, aesthetics, art and politics in the knowledge productions of the global south-of-the-south.


opera infinita, chapter 0: has the fire read the stories it burnt?

Jota Mombaça Denise Ferreira da Silva Anti Ribeiro

Exploring forms of elemental listening, this sonic statement by writer-in-residence Jota Mombaça, deals with sound as heat and fire as re-de-composition of matter and language.

Can you sound like two thousand?

Jota Mombaça

In this fictional essay by Nottingham Contemporary’s writer in residence, Jota Mombaça considers forms of enclosure produced by the current ‘Global Biopolitical Siege’ and its increased militarisation, surveillance, and social disintegration through a speculative take on collectivity, sensibility, and anxiety.