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Ese Onojeruo

Ese Onojeruo’s practice as an interdisciplinary artist and curator is underpinned by a hyper-awareness of the ways gender and race can be felt as a phenomenological experience. Ese is particularly interested in how the communal experiences of ‘exclusion’ and the case of black feminism ‘unwomening’ are shared by women of colour and encourages alternative methodologies to learning.


CAMPUS: On Knowledge Production

Alexandra Chairetaki Gráinne Charlton Laurie Cummins Phoebe Eustance Jade Foster Colette Griffin Milika Muritu Hugh Nicholson Ese Onojeruo Jessica Piette Raúl Valdivia

In this collaborative essay, participants from Nottingham Contempoary’s CAMPUS Independent Study Programme (2019-2020) discuss their experience of collective learning.