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Reece Cox

Reece Cox is a Berlin-based artist and radio producer. He produces a monthly program called INFO Unltd on Cashmere Radio wherein he hosts conversations and listening sessions with artists working in a variety of media, with a focus on time-based practices. Featured artists include Hanne Lippard, Marina Rosenfeld, Duval Timothy, Kristin Oppenheim, Nile Koetting, as well as writers and curators such as Elizabeth Povinelli, Nick Houde, and Nick Scavo. INFO Unltd was recently featured in Frieze Magazine and has collaborated with institutions such as DAAD, Berlin; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; Zürich Art Weekend, Zürich; Koreaisch Kulturenzentrum, Berlin and Lenbachhaus, Munich.


Isabel Lewis: Unfolding Experience  

Isabel Lewis Reece Cox

In this sonic interview, artist, choreographer and host Isabel Lewis speaks to Reece Cox about non-linear composition and bridging the mind-body continuum through sound, performance and sensory experience.

Lina Lapelytė: Operatic Silences

Lina Lapelytė Reece Cox

In this operatic interview, artist Lina Lapelytė speaks of how music, musicians and scores enunciate shared forms of being and belonging as they relate to gender and life under capitalism.

Hajra Waheed: Abolitionist Modes of Listening

Hajra Waheed Reece Cox

In this melodic interview, artist Hajra Waheed dives into ‘Hum’ (2020), a sound installation exploring histories of sonic resistance.