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Sung Tieu

Sung Tieu is a Vietnamese-born, Berlin and London-based artist whose practice spans a range of media, predominantly installation, sound, moving image, sculpture, and photography. She assembles and brings together a rich vocabulary from journalism, archival research and conceptual art traditions into nuanced and layered exhibitions and moments of display. Her work contends with notions of history and analyses transnational movements of both people and objects — be it through the investigation of diaspora communities or the commercial, hyper accelerated ways that global capitalism is reproduced. Writing as research process and as medium is a recurrent thread in her practice. Current solo exhibitions include ‘Zugzwang’ at Haus der Kunst, Munich and ‘In Cold Print’ at Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham. Forthcoming exhibitions include the 34th São Paulo Biennial; Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin; GAMeC, Bergamo; Kunstmuseum Bonn; 1st Prague Biennale and Emalin Gallery, London.


A Mirrored Conversation

Sung Tieu Cédric Fauq Damian Lentini

In this interview with visual artist Sung Tieu, curators Cédric Fauq and Damian Lentini discuss Tieu’s sonic research and sculptural practice.