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04 Emergency and Emergence

Emergency and Emergence (April 2022 - December 2023) unearths transdisciplinary, sensorial and speculative practices of radical sensemaking and wayfinding via questions of repair, pedagogy, remediation and mutation. Edited by Canan Batur.
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03 Sonic Continuum

Sonic Continuum (Mar 2020 – July 2021) traces practices of world-making through sound, both as a force that constitutes the world and a medium for producing knowledge about it. Edited by Sofia Lemos.

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Acousmatic Paranoia

Arrested Times

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02 Critical Pedagogies

Critical Pedagogies (June 2019 – July 2020) investigates the capacities of education to rehearse new forums for critical thinking beyond the pedagogical imperative. Edited by Carolina Rito and Sofia Lemos.

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Architectures of Education

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01 On Translations

On Translations (February 2018 – March 2020) explores the cultural and political contradictions that arise in processes of translation as a 'site of inhabitation' marked by mistranslation, confusion, and hesitance. Edited by Carolina Rito.
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On Translations

On ‘Projects 195: Park McArthur’

Geelia Ronkina

In this essay, writer Geelia Ronkina considers recent work by artist Park McArthur in relation to disability and site-specificity in contemporary art.

Rebellious Translation

Jon Solomon

In this essay, researcher Jon Solomon considers how Machine Translation and the militarisation of information technologies is transforming modernity.

The Madness of the Mother Tongue

Shela Sheikh

In this essay, scholar Shela Sheikh explores the paradoxes of identity, translation and the mother tongue through Jacques Derrida’s ‘Monolingualism of the Other’.

Canhão de Boca / The Weapon of Voice

Celeste Fortes Rita Rainho

In this essay, researchers Celeste Fortes and Rita Raínho chart the role of women in the history of Cape Verde’s liberation movement through the film ‘Canhão de Boca’.

Translatability in Mozambican Contemporary Art

Thomas Waller

In this essay, researcher Thomas Waller explores ‘translatability’ through patterns of interference in the works of Gemuce and Félix Mula.

‘What We Know Is Built on Erasure’

Rolando Vázquez

Mexican sociologist Roland Vázquez discusses processes of erasure in colonial language and epistemologies.

Territory: Universe (Translexical Opacity)

Wong Bing Hao

In this essay, curator Wong Hao discusses lexical opacity in the gender non-conforming artworks of Jamie Crewe, Sophia Al-Maria and Victoria Sin, as well as Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho.

Transliterative Tease

Slavs and Tatars

In this lecture-performance, Slavs and Tatars explore the potential of transliteration as resistance and research.


Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

In this visual essay, artist Maryam Gharavi captures a span of 365 days in which she updates the 160-character ‘bio’ section of a Twitter profile each day.

Bridges, Hearts, Cash

Dima Hamadeh

In this essay, researcher Dina Hamadeh writes about how self-identification among Arab artists and practitioners is configured by the art market.